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Microsoft Office 365 is now available as a service that can be deployed on any Desktop PC for a fixed monthly charge and as a replacement for the standalone Microsoft Office package. Never have to worry about new features or upgrade cycles, Office 365 is updated automatically whenever a new feature is made available by Microsoft. Additionally, all the file data is kept in either Microsoft Cloud or in the DesertClouds.com Cloud at user discretion, and is fully backed up without having to worry about data loss due to PC viruses or hard disk crash.

Why buy Office 365 subscription from DesertClouds.com instead of direct from Microsoft?

  • DesertClouds.com is already a partner with Microsoft for its products and support, offering you better support service from local support center rather than International.
  • Data jurisdiction maybe an issue with Office 365 files and Exchange e-mail storage locally within the country for government ministries or medical data, rather than forced to store in Microsoft datacenters internationally.
  • Consolidated billing for all the Cloud services, rather than multiple bills from multiple Cloud service providers.
  • Better value due to promotional offers for Office 365 if purchased with other Cloud services.
  • All communication (DSL/Wireless) and user-devices (PC/Terminal/Mobile) IaaS at customer site.
  • Unlimited Technical Support includes any changes customers may face down the road resulting from their business change due to market change.
  • Unlimited single point of Contact Center support for all services on 24x7 basis.
  • Unlimited 24x7 customer services data Security monitoring and protection to ensure safe and reliable operation via a dedicated Security Operation Center (SOC).


DesertClouds.com was inspired by a desperate need in the market for a one stop shop Managed Cloud Service provider focused on the customer business and with the customer reassurance of taking full responsibility of migrating their ICT infrastructure to its Cloud Center.



  • Hail Center, Suite 1213, Khobar 31952, Saudi Arabia
  • Phone: +966 (0)13 8318327
  • Email: info@DesertClouds.com