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Our Values is a Sharia Compliance Company (SCC), an industry first, which means that all the company governance, rules, regulations and policies will be based on Sharia principles and guidelines for both internal and external company conduct in order to make it a SCC.

Sharia Compliance guidelines will be developed and published here later.

As an example, in Sharia company model, a working community is based on a bee community model as it exists in nature, where a bee hive represents the company and bees represents its working employees, together they produce honey that is beneficial for whole of mankind, without damaging the environment around them. The customers and partners are represented by flowers, the source of honey, employees relationship with the customers and partners will be like a bee relationship with the flowers it visits to take its nectar, delicately and without damaging it, while in the process, nurtures the flowers community through cross pollination, that also increases and benefits the customers and partners harvest.

Along with SCC principles, once is profitable, 10% of the profit will be distributed to the underprivileged community and the rest will be reinvested back into the company. All the employees will be share holders in the company based on their compensation and company performance, in addition to their salaries. SCC guidelines will be developed and published at a later date.

About was inspired by a desperate need in the market for a one stop shop Managed Cloud Service provider focused on the customer business and with the customer reassurance of taking full responsibility of migrating their ICT infrastructure to its Cloud Center.



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