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Business Empowerment offers Business Intelligence (BI) service, a customized service to its customers for its data analysis to help them with business strategic decisions to do with business growth or new market opportunities, business operational cost optimization opportunities and/or any other requirements which needs special data analysis and expertise.


Keeping In Touch will provide 24x7 Contact Center support to customers included in the Clouds services subscription, to ensure that any customers issues are resolved as soon as possible for reliable and smooth customer business operation.

This includes security monitoring and any breaches reporting to 24x7 Security Operation Center (SOC) to ensure that security threats are dealt with as soon as possible with damage control and minimum interruption to the customer business operation.


Supported Learning will provide user training on the Cloud services which the customer will subscribe to from the company and the training cost will be included in the Cloud services subscription at no additional cost to the customers. This training will be tailored to individual customer requirements in order to train them on how to use the services in order to run their business operation.

About was inspired by a desperate need in the market for a one stop shop Managed Cloud Service provider focused on the customer business and with the customer reassurance of taking full responsibility of migrating their ICT infrastructure to its Cloud Center.



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