Private Cloud

Designed for customers with special requirements


Due to very tight security demands, Private Cloud IaaS offers enterprise customers a Cloud environment that is physically located inside the customer facility so that customers can rest assure about its physical and informational threat protection of its data, all for a fix monthly service charge.

In a Private Cloud environment the customer enjoys all the Cloud benefits economy of scale without moving the applications or data assets outside the facility. In fact, with a Private Cloud in place, customers can benefit from both Private and Public Cloud services as what is called a Hybrid Cloud, where customers can place some of their applications such as website or portals in the public Cloud for all their partners or customers to see, while keeping its enterprise applications such as ERP, private on the Private Cloud, enjoy the benefit of both worlds!

All the IaaS, SaaS and PaaS Cloud services can be deployed in a Private Cloud environment with the same rest of the benefits enjoyed by Public Cloud users:

  • All communication (DSL/Wireless) and user-devices (PC/Terminal/Mobile) IaaS at customer site.

  • Unlimited Technical Support includes any changes customers may face down the road resulting from their business change due to market change.

  • Unlimited single point of Contact Center support for all services on 24x7 basis.

  • Unlimited 24x7 customer services data Security monitoring and protection to ensure safe and reliable operation via a dedicated Security Operation Center (SOC).